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 HONG YIK STONE SDN. BHD Corporation Introduction

Hong Yik Stone Cutter started in 19th June, 1976, located in the town of KULAIJAYA, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We are one of the chief granite factory in Johor state, mainly dealing with tombstone engraving works. We have more than 30 employees as at current.

Our major produces are all kinds of Granite products used for Memorial Park, Monument statue Temple and big slab for Construction work.

At year 2009, our company become as HONG YIK STONE SDN BHD.Over years our company has built a favorable cooperation image and trust within Malaysia, Indonesia and other surrounding countries.

We have more than a decade experience on granite products and we have skillful professional team and state of art machines looking forward to provide model platform and business partnership in consolidation of our business. 

同益石业创立于1976年6月19日,是南馬区柔佛州主要石碑生产供應商之一,業務專注于墓碑雕刻工程爲主,目前公司有三十多位员工。公司供应的石材除了花岗岩和大理石外也提供其他建築相關材料,风水墓园, 廟宇和建筑裝修工程都是我們的主綫業務。

于2009 年,公司正式提升成为有限公司,形成了本身的业务发展平台與合作体系,与中国多间著名供应商有良好的合作关系。

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